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Gold Jewelery FashionSince the dawn of the Egyptian societies, gold jewelry has enamored males and females alike. Almost three thousand years ago, people in Egypt adorned majority parts of their body with gold ornaments. The Pharaohs were known to wear gold earrings while the Greek people beautified their body parts with wide varieties of gold. Necklaces, rings, diadems, wreaths, and bracelets were common gold jewelry fashions practiced in those days.

The medieval times witnessed the emergence of gold jewelry in the form of pendants, brooches, hat badges, belt clasps, and so on. On the other hand, Italian Renaissance marked the advent of gold chains. Earrings and bracelets indicated the opulent status.

The contemporary gold jewelry fashions however stands testimony to bright and bold patterns in gold jewelry, complemented well with a variety of tones. The modern designers brilliantly fuses the old designs with the recent ones and take pride in creating fusion jewelry, which will stand the test of time.

Gold JeweleryIt depends upon you whether you want to retain the shine of your gold jewelry or let it tarnish. Gold is known to be a durable metal but over time, it tends to lose its shine. It is very important for you to take care of your gold jewelry as you care for your other accessories. You can adopt certain steps to prevent fading of your gold jewelry:

You must see to the fact that your cosmetics or body care products like perfume, lotions, hair gels do not tarnish the gold jewelry with the passage of time.

Chlorine must be avoided by all means as it can adversely affect the shine of your gold jewelry. While swimming, make sure you remove your gold jewelry and also while using a cleanser to clean your face, make sure you are not wearing your gold ornaments or see to it that the cleanser is chlorine free.

Store your gold jewelry in a proper place.

By following these steps, you are sure to see the shine and polish of your gold jewelry as fresh forever.