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There can be several reasons as to why people sell gold jewelry. However, the most obvious reason stated for selling gold jewelry is cash. People usually do not sell their gold jewelry until and unless they are in dire need of money.

Also, there are many practical reasons that compel one to sell off their gold jewelry. Some of the most prominent ones are:

Damaged or broken jewelry: It is better to sell off your jewelry if they are broken or damaged into pieces. It’s not worthwhile to have it repaired as the originality of the piece gets lost in between.

Outdated jewelry: Many people consider selling off their old pieces and invest in contemporary ones. Though it consumes lot of time to advertise for a new buyer who may be interested in your piece, but you can keep up with the latest trends and earn some fast cash in a while.

Gold JewelryIn such times of economic crisis the sky-rocketing price of gold is sure to tempt you all the way. If you are in dire need of money then it’s probably the best time to sell your gold jewelry because the prices are at an all-time high now.

Do not ever make the mistake of selling your gold jewelry at its scrap value. By this way, you will not only lose most of the retail value and also have to give away with the emotional bond that you share with the piece.

If you are not sure about the worth of your gold jewelry, then its better you have it appraised. There are many a credentialed appraisers available at the National Association of Jewelry Appraisers as well as American Society of Appraisers website.

It is always recommended to shop around for the while to strike the best possible deal on your gold jewelry. A fair amount of research can help you understand the market well and reap the ripe benefits of it.

nullIt is indeed the best time to sell your gold jewelry as the prices have rocketed sky-high in the recent times. Before you sell off your gold jewelry, it is considered wise to estimate its value. It may sound somewhat unbelievable but there are plenty of traders online who has make the process of buying gold an easy option.

Some of the websites offer you with a ready estimator. Before selling off, you can weigh the gold in grams using the weighing balance. The next step to follow is to weigh your gold in the form of carat value and the options that are usually available are 9, 14, 18, and 22 carats.

Estimating the value of your gold jewelry becomes even easier if it’s hallmarked or in case you have the receipt of the original purchase with you. Following this, the estimator will provide you with the estimated price of your gold jewelry till 5pm for the day.

2009 Gold Jewelry TrendsThe year 2009 is witnessing some of the finest gold jewelry trends. The year 2008 was not so good but with the dawn of the year 2009, creative sparks seem to be flying. The best known 2009 gold jewelry trends can be summed up as follows:

Centerpieces have become centre of attractions – This is one of the emerging gold jewelry trends of 2009. You may flaunt your off-shoulder floral top with a sleek chain studded with multi-colored stones. This can be well complemented with simple danglers or extraordinarily bold hoops.

Combined grace – Crystals combined with gold jewelry or for that matter, topaz paired with gold ornaments can work wonders to your appearance. Throwing in some gold with a tinge of these precious gemstones can truly spice up your outfit for any season.

Gold cuffs are back again – The gold cuffs can be easily slipped into your wrist and at any time of the day people will swear by your elegance and appeal.

nullGold jewelry has been sworn by men and women alike since ages. There is hardly any other metal other than gold that deserves to be considered significantly for adornment purpose. The earliest users of gold may not be known to us but what gold means to us cannot be merely summed up in few odd words.

The first gold jewelry fashion was witnessed around the 20th century in the American continent. At this point of time, the use of white gold also gained a remarkable prominence. The history of gold jewelry can be traced back to the dawn of human civilization.

After the decline of the Roman Empire, gold mining and production was halted for a span expanding to 1000 years till the time America was discovered by the Spanish in the year 1942. The Incas were the first to conquer the Chimu Empire and cover every inch of the Sun Temple walls with gold.

In the recent times, the Italian subcontinent leads the gold jewelry industry. Italian gold is popular all over the world for its unique designs and purity.