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Presenting a gift to the beloved near or dear ones can be difficult at times. we cannot It is not appreciated to gift candy or flowers always as it is not emphasis on being special gifts.
When there is a special occasion in a woman’s life, the idea of gifting 14k gold jewelry can be the best choice. Then the gift becomes a memory for life..

There are numerous options to choose ranging from gold charm bracelets, ear rings, Norse rings, pins, belly rings (which are in vogue these days ).the list is endless so are the size, shapes and designs. There is a huge variety of gold body piercing jewelry studded with diamonds, rubies, emeralds and other precious and semi precious stones.

The 14k gold jewelry can be ordered from internet, with the comforts of sitting at home. We can also roam around shopping malls and find the prefect delicate gift for some one special.

Belly rings add charm to the look of the wearer belly rings come in a huge variety and can satisfy what ever design a wearer fancies. With such a wide variety there are virtually no limits to make belly ring exclusive piece of art.

Dangling gold belly rings are elegant, smart, trendy bits of jewelry that attracts awareness to a woman’s shapely body.Among the popular belly rings are the ones that looks like chandelier, comes in metals like gold, titanium, silver and are studded with precious natural or man made stone or sparkles.

The other categories of belly rings of made of silver, ruby, dangling rings, zodiac styled rings, floral belly rings, , black cherry rings, Flowering rings and the dangling rings, with gems and crystals.The list is endless and always something new and innovative is added.

While there is a variety of colorful belly rings but 14karat gold belly rings are also a great choice. Though plain and simple to look at but it goes well with any outfit and style.

The most important aspect of fashion is the usage of jewelry. However the old jewelry not in use can be recycled and reuse.

The best way to reuse the gold jewelry is to remodel them. Selling old gold jewelry is another way to reuse them. It can be sold online after a comparison in the price. Stores selling jewelries can also take up the old jewelries and sell them.

There are some designers who can use old gold jewelries in part of their creations

The recycling of old jewelries also helps in less of mining and saving our environment. This also helps in lessening in the production of the carbon foot print, an important requirement for making jewelries.

So recycling of old gold jewelry not only clears the clutters and gives an opportunity to reuse them but it also helps in less of mining which is good for the environment.

Navel piercing is in vogue these days. It started in the early 90ies and gradually gained popularity. A little ring dangling from the belly button adds lots of attraction to the appearance.
Belly rings come in various shapes and sizes. Made with metals like gold, silver, enamel, and studded with diamond and precious stones.
But above all gold is the best metal when used as belly rings. If it is of 14carat gold, it will be a great buy. Elegant and beautiful it comes with varied designs and looks graceful on the wearer..

There is also an option of styling personalized rings and being made to order with the help of special jewelers. but before that a check on the reputation of the store is a must. The purity and quality of gold should be verified.

Gold belly rings will always be in vogue as it is the ultimate fashion jewelry popular with women would showoff their well toned belly.


If you’re planning on getting all decked out for prom, don’t forget the little details that can really accentuate your look. You’ll need some appropriate jewellery to really make you sparkle and shine, but you have to be careful not to overdo it. You don’t have to spend the proverbial arm and leg on jewelry to wear with your prom or pageant attire. Just think classy and feminine. Don’t wear large clunky or gaudy articles of jewelry. Keep it simple. Don’t overpower your dress with your jewellery. Your jewelry should accent your gown, not compete with it.

There are a wide range of neckpieces and earpieces to choose from the internet. Compare prices so that you get the best bargains for yourself. Be a minimalist and see heads turn. Wear a sleek gold bracelet around your wrist for that touch of feminine beauty. Don’t forget a diamond or gem studded ring to make that handshake everlasting. Gold is a good investment as it has a high resale value. When I was stuck for money, I was able to sell my gold for cash which was nice. While it was upsetting to sell something of emotional value, it was a nice option to have.


Presently, nose piercing is the second most-popular body piercing desired by teens and young adults.Nose piercings don’t always heal as easily as people assume. Friction from a too-tight or too-large nose stud or ring, an accidental yank or snag, or even some people’s genetic predispositions can cause a type of scar tissue called a keloid. This is that “bump” that everyone always talks about. Hence, get it done from an expert only. Consult an expert on post-piercing care.

Sterling silver jewellery looks stunning as nose pieces. A sterling silver nose ring is the safest to wear immediately after piercing. They aren’t too tight to the skin surface and they can be rotated, which helps you to clean the entire inside surface of the piercing. You will find a host of sterling silver nose rings to choose from the internet. Often these rings come studded with a small diamond that gives it an elegant touch.