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What is it about jewellery that all of us love, especially women. Let us discuss about some different stone this time apart from the usual one like diamond. So what do you know about sapphire? It can also add a lot of beauty to an ordinary piece of jewellery. Sapphires are available in various colors like red, blue, and purple and yellow.

You can select either of the colors mentioned above in your jewellery. Sapphire, especially the blue color one is also used for astrological purposes as it is considered very auspicious. Another kind of famous sapphire is the star shaped sapphire. This kind of sapphire is very expensive as it has a star rayed like effects and it gets this kind of effects from the needle kind of lines on it.

Other than the auspicious nature of it, it is also considered with virtues like loyalty, so if you want to consider any other stone after diamond, it has to be a sapphire.

The penchant for purchasing and adorning jewelry is no longer restricted to women. Nowadays, you will find that men too are getting increasingly fascinated towards gold based ornaments. Gold chains for men have become an extremely popular fashion trend. A gold chain is believed to symbolize riches, authority and a fashionable persona.

There are a variety of gold chains available in the market today. Men should typically choose the style and design of a chain based on their personality. If you like simplicity, go for a thin, classic and intricately designed chain. For those with a strong and dynamic personality, a heavier chain in the pattern of rope or links will look great. You can also experiment with ethnic styles like Celtic, African or Asian. Depending on the budget, you can opt for 14k, 18k or 22k gold. In case you do not like the yellow color of gold, go for a chain made of white gold.

Gold bracelets are one of the most beautiful creations of all time. They look really classy on a woman’s hands. Gold is not just one of the most beautiful metals on the earth but it is also one of the expensive metals as well. In fact gold has been seen as the sign of wealth, prosperity and class since time immemorial. In fact it was Cleopatra who actually popularized the use of gold in jewelry. Gold cast as any jewelry look good and exquisite.

However the gold bracelet is one of the most popular forms of the gold casting. The bracelets are lighter and there are a plethora of designed that are used for them. In fact in case you visited the jeweler you would see that the maximum of their creativity is spent on the exquisite carvings of the gold bracelets. Considering how light and easy to carry they are, women also love to wear a gold bracelet.

Ankle bracelets have a long story to them. They were originated in Middle East Asia in the early ages and it worn by women. Women liking in countries like India, Pakistan and Malaysia still wear ankle bracelets to show the prosperity of their marriage. They are made out of various materials like Silver, Gold and Platinum. In spite of all the tradition, it is a fashion accessory which will add a cute look to your feet and give you a unique appeal.

Silver Anklets are in fashion trend these days and women wear it for different occasions. There are many fashion designers who work intensively on these anklets by decorating them with various gems, beads and diamonds. They look sexy and stunning when worn with fitting outfits and are definitely a unique accessory to the western countries. They are also good for gifting and can be given as a gift in any occasion.

A piece of jewelry is often more important than the clothes that you wear with it. That is why there are many who spend more time shopping for jewelry rather than shopping for the clothes themselves. Obviously jewelry is something that is a reflection of who you are and adds on to your spirit. That is why you would want to get the most unique of the jewelry around.

And when we are talking of unique jewelry, the best example of it is the handcrafted jewelry. Of course you could choose to get a piece that has been cut and designed by a machine along with 1000s of other similar jewelry. But it obviously will not be as special as one which has been handcrafted and designed with utmost care and passion. In fact there are many tribes which have excelled in the art of jewelry design over centuries. We have a lot to learn from them.