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Is your best friend’s wedding absolutely rounding the corner? Confused what can be just that perfect wedding gift for the newly wed couple? Well, weddings sure bring along with them numerous precious moments, but a dash of tradition is one major factor which a wedding can never do without. Hence, nothing can be a better wedding gift than something which has both the essence of trend and tradition in it.

Now, Welsh gold jewellery with its love spoon designs can be fantastic wedding jewellery. According to ancient Welsh customs a carved wooden love spoon was a symbol of love and was presented to the bride as a gift of love. Keeping that in mind, Welsh gold jewellery can be just perfect for any newly wed couple whether they are Welsh or not. You can find the love spoon design in almost all variants be it neck pieces or earring, pendants or bracelets.

Other alternatives among Welsh gold jewellery are daffodil pin, which she wears with her wedding dress. A garden key charm can also be a fine gift. For more details on Welsh traditions and perfect wedding gifts you can also undertake your own research for more relevant information.

A woman is incomplete without her favorite jewelry. So if you love your jeweled possessions, you should also take care of them so that they last long. To ensure their longevity there are a few simple steps you need to take.

First and foremost know the types and kinds of jewelry you have. Every jewel or stone or metal has different needs so follow the steps carefully depending upon the kind of jewelry you own. Pearls, diamonds, gold, silver, etc need different type of care. So ask your jeweler on how to take care of each individual set. Second step is to get your jewelry insured. You spend a lot of money in buying your jewels. So you need to protect these jewels as well.

Also by mistake if any damage occurs to your jewelry, never try to repair it yourself without knowledge. Depend on your jeweler for these jobs. Store your jewelry in a safe place and clean them with a soft moist free cloth from time to time.