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 Armlets, fashion accessoriesMany people like to accessorize their costumes with accessories that suit them best. It not only goes for women and their jewelry but for men too. These accessories tend to emphasize on the sense of fashion you want to impart in your clothing. Among these accessories the most common are necklaces, earrings and rings for women. One such accessory suitable for both genders is the bracelet and armlet. For men there are many armlet patterns to choose from but the most standard design for armlet is the Greek styled armlets.

Greek armlets give a sense of legacy to those who wear it and reflect an aura that once generated awe towards the mythological Greek heroes and the Greek gladiators. Many wear such armlets along with costumes that suit the Greek style. Many also tend to wear such armlets with modern casual wear to give them the feel of a fusion in time span across human history in the way they clothe.

eyebrow piercing, silver fashion jewelryBody and eyebrow piercing of all kinds are really gaining momentum in today’s world since people especially youngsters think it makes them look stylish and trendy. If you have taken the decision to go in for eyebrow piercing and think it’s going to change your life for the better. Let me warn you that there are harms it can create if proper metal is not used.

Some of the metals used for piercing are: gold, surgical titanium, stainless steel, niobium, Aztec gold etc. These are not at all harmful and safe for the human eyebrow or body. Most of them make use of sterling silver for eyebrow piercing. But it has oxidation properties that are dangerous and it reacts with the fluids and tissues in the body.

Sterling silver has silver and copper in it which makes it quite durable. It causes allergies and nicks- a ground of breeding for bacteria. It is best to avoid this metal and go for other options.

bellybutton, fashion accessoriesBellybutton studs are hugely popular among the teens these days. These are cute, fashionable, stylish and seem to be a fantastic complement of the trendy outfits. The accessory market around is flooded with a versatile range of bellybutton designs to go for as per your taste and choices and here is a brief on some of the hottest rends in bellybutton studs.

Crystal barbell belly button studs are really common. You will find them in different shades and patterns like floral designs, zebra designs and even barbells with superhero signature symbols like batman stud, superman stud and more. You will also get decorative bellybutton studs such as the studs featuring a nice cute flower complementing your nicely toned belly.

You will even get stone embedded belly button studs if you are on for a classy look with your accessories. There are metal based bellybutton studs available with zircon stones presenting the user with an amazing blue effect.

Nose pins, fashion tipsThere are many fashion accessories in the market now days that are believed to be a part of the upper class style statement. But in spite of all such new fashion accessories, few traditional items are still used by women. One such thing is the nose pin which is used by women even today extensively. The nose pins are said to impart a classy touch to your beauty and style statement.

There are various types of nose pins available in the market of various designs and sizes. You can select one that suits you the best. Nose pins can made of gold, silver and can be even stone studded. Since off late women don’t prefer very heavy gold jewelry, so light and small in size nose pins are much in use. However few people even today prefer the traditional heavy and intricately designed nose pins as a part of their modern style statement.

 facial piercing,  piercingWhether a facial piercing is a good option or not will depend totally on your personal taste. However, if you are working in a corporate office, it may be a bit inappropriate to sport a nose stud in the office, being a man. Therefore, you have to wear your piercing accordingly to the place and the occasion. A facial piercing may be well appreciated in certain peer groups but it could be a total turn off in other gatherings.

However, there are other things to consider as well. It is important that you get your piercing done from a well reputed place. One of the best places to get a piercing done is a doctor’s clinic. If you get your piercing done in a wrong way ad that too on your face, getting out of your house can be a problem for the next few months. Therefore, put in some though into the matter before taking the decision.

Modern gold bracelets, Gold JewelryGold is the metal which never goes out of fashion. Shining as brightly as the sun, a piece of gold jewelry can dazzle up your look in seconds. Be the centre of attention at any gather by fluting some gold. These days’ women prefer simple jewelry. Gone are the days of making style statements wearing gaudy jewelry. Gold bracelets are a rage now. A simple gold bracelet with that perfect LBD can make others go green in the face. 

Bracelets in gold come in various shapes, sizes and designs made with great care and sophistication. Some are even stone studded to give them an edgy yet classy look. You can shop online or go to any jewelry store. You will be spoilt for choice as gold bracelets are the “in thing” these days. It is also a perfect gift idea for your loved one on special occasions like Valentine’s Day, anniversaries or birthdays.

The main reason why people are following the recent trend of buying silver jewellery and plating it with gold is the rise in the price of gold. Not everybody can buy gold jewellery these days, so they opt to get silver jewellery plated in gold. This not only save them the extra expenses of buying gold, it also gives them the look which real gold jewellery would have given if worn.

No matter which style or design of jewellery you pick, getting it plated in gold is easy to be done. There are many gold merchants who will do the plating job in the best way possible. It is very hard to realize that the jewellery is a gold plated one. Setting up stones on such jewellery will add to the look. You should take the service of a specialist in jewellery making to make the best out of it.

Are you working on renovating your work wardrobe? Well then these following tips might prove immensely beneficial for you if you really want to execute an appealing and confident persona in your workplace. Selecting the right kind of jewelry for you office is undeniably a tough job; especially you are meeting new clients or important annual conferences.

Choose the razor sharp and sleek hanging earrings if you are wearing formal office suits for a special event. Don’t ever dare to wear large faux diamond rings or chandelier ear rings in office because that might transfer improper signals to your boss and co-workers.

Always try to use simple and smart ear studs and light stone perched rings. You can go for a sleek chain to put it around the neck that suitably contrasts with your attire. A rimless glass would add a good amount of glamour to your look if it’s carried properly.

Fashion jewelry has always been the favorite among women. Be it on costumes or as accessories, they’ve always been popular and in fashion. It is a fun and less expensive way to express individual style and glamour.
It comes in low prices and you will get a huge variety to choose from.

It completes your stylish look and your wardrobe as well. You can wear them according to your dress, mood, and even surroundings. It looks simple yet giving you a stylish aura. Although fashion jewelry does not need care, but there are certain things you must keep in mind. It’s essential for them to last long. Firstly, never allow them to come in contact with oil, soaps, perfumes or any such chemicals. Always remove them before showering, swimming, exercising etc. By following these simple things, you can always use your fashion jewelry for a longer period of time.

Ankle bracelets have a long story to them. They were originated in Middle East Asia in the early ages and it worn by women. Women liking in countries like India, Pakistan and Malaysia still wear ankle bracelets to show the prosperity of their marriage. They are made out of various materials like Silver, Gold and Platinum. In spite of all the tradition, it is a fashion accessory which will add a cute look to your feet and give you a unique appeal.

Silver Anklets are in fashion trend these days and women wear it for different occasions. There are many fashion designers who work intensively on these anklets by decorating them with various gems, beads and diamonds. They look sexy and stunning when worn with fitting outfits and are definitely a unique accessory to the western countries. They are also good for gifting and can be given as a gift in any occasion.