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Silver jewelry, silverYou must be trying to sport various hairstyles whenever you are going to some party, be it wedding or any other occasion. Using jewelry for your hair will enhance your look and will give your hairstyle an al new dimension. Silver jewelry can be the best for your hair keeping in mind the color of silver and its price.

You can use silver hair bands, combs, pins, tiaras, barrettes, etc depending on what the occasion is. Any of this jewelry is particular is enough to comprehend an entire hair style. You can use stone studded hair pins to sport a particular hair style. The silver pins may come studded with crystals, cubic zirconia, sapphire, ruby or any other expensive stone.

The hair combs normally available in pairs can be used either to sweep your hair upwards or backwards. The hair combs can also have stone studded in them. They are most fitted to be used for long or medium length hair. You need to use the right type of hair jewelry for the right type of hair style to look most beautiful.

Silver anklets, silverJewelry has always been a best friend for women. There are many metals and gems which can be used as ornaments to adorn one’s looks but there is something very alluring about silver jewelry. Silver anklets are very much in fashion. Their intricate work and sleek design is very appealing for any kind of look. You can wear these anklets with casual outfits and dresses and give yourself a very summery look.

You can get these anklets at any ornamental store. When you shop online for these anklets you should make sure that you do it from a reputed brand. When looking for silver anklets you always should buy authentic material. Cleaning silver is also very easy and they are durable as well. You can give your silver anklets for cleaning to a jeweler just once a year and they’ll be as good as new. Contemporary silver anklets are the best option for any woman these days.

Custom silver jewelry, silverAre you tired of the same old jewelry design and want something really special for yourself? Well, then you can go for the custom silver jewelry designs which will surely turn heads around. Custom designs include handmade silver jewelry and personalized items. If you want to add your special touch to the silver jewelry piece and gift it to somebody really special. Sometimes you come across a design in some magazine or on some model. But you do not know where to go for getting an exact piece of jewelry.

You can go to a good designer and get the real jewelry piece from the picture. Silver rings that are handmade are very popular as they flaunt some really classy and unique designs. Customized silvery jewelry design has a reflection of the designer and his personality. Thus, no two jewelry piece can be same. You can even specify your own design and wear jewelry that you always saw in your dreams.

Compliments are given to those women who accessorize themselves well. They can accessorize by wearing jewelry that suits them. Feet are one of most beautiful part in a human body. To adorn it, silver anklets can be an excellent choice. Silver is a metal that really attracts people. Women wearing silver anklets add a beauty to their personality.

Anklets are light weight fancy decorations for the feet. There are several reasons behind adorning your ankle. Women who wear casual, sporty and simple dresses can wear anklets. Anklet shows a certain style and class. Men adore women, when they wear nice anklets.

Silver anklets can be of different types like tiny charms, with a symbol of cat, stars, hearts and bells. Multicolored anklets are also available. They are also available in different prices. Some of them are cheap and some are expensive. Hence, go for the silver anklets and enhance your appearance.

Do you have a fetish for the white metal called silver? In that case you should know about the history of silver. Silver has been used since time immemorial. It has been used for various purposes like for jewellery, utensils weapons and most commonly as coins. Let us delve deeper into the history of silver.

There has been mention of silver in prehistoric civilizations like the Greek, Egyptians and Sumerian cultures. There is detailed mention of silver mines in loads of Greek works. Egyptians were well aware of silver and used a crescent to denote the metal.

The Roman coins were engraved in silver. Silver has been found in many other civilizations in the form of weapons or utensils. There are mentions of silver in religious texts like The Gospel. Amongst the Islamic texts it is mentioned that Muhammad had a silver ring.

During the middle ages, with the advent of science and knowledge silver started being used for its medicinal properties. Travelers while going on long voyages kept silver in barrels of water and wine to ensure they did not get spoilt.

Today silver is considered a precious metal and many factories with modern technology are able to create silver pieces with beautiful designs.

Jewellery for men is the latest trendsetting path to hit the fashion world in the recent years. It was always assumed that jewellery are a women’s forte, but men are sure not lagging behind. Rings earn a huge favour with men, since this is the one jewellery they can wear with élan without seeming feminine.

The favoured choice of metal for men is silver, titanium, platinum, white gold and sterling silver instead of the dull yellow of gold. Sterling silver is made up of 92.5% of silver and 7.5% of other metals. It is a popular choice of metal for men’s jewellery. Silver rings match any outfit because of its neutral colour tone. Shopping for silver jewellery online is also another option since there are ample jewelry stores online, which sell silver rings for men for real cheap. Silver prices are increasing exponentially in today’s world but it is still less dear than Gold. This also earns brownie points in favour of silver. Silver jewellery also lends an antique and traditional look. So for all the men out there, go all ethnic and flaunt your silver jewellery and rings with chutzpah.


Presently, nose piercing is the second most-popular body piercing desired by teens and young adults.Nose piercings don’t always heal as easily as people assume. Friction from a too-tight or too-large nose stud or ring, an accidental yank or snag, or even some people’s genetic predispositions can cause a type of scar tissue called a keloid. This is that “bump” that everyone always talks about. Hence, get it done from an expert only. Consult an expert on post-piercing care.

Sterling silver jewellery looks stunning as nose pieces. A sterling silver nose ring is the safest to wear immediately after piercing. They aren’t too tight to the skin surface and they can be rotated, which helps you to clean the entire inside surface of the piercing. You will find a host of sterling silver nose rings to choose from the internet. Often these rings come studded with a small diamond that gives it an elegant touch.


The way you store your silver jewelry will have a great impact on its durability. If it is left open in contact with air, water or light for a long time then the chances of it get tarnished increases. So make sure that you store them enclosed in an air tight plastic bags or something like that.

The corners of the case where you are going to store your jewelry should have smooth edges to avoid any scratching. Apart from that the surface of the case should also be hard. If you don’t have a box then you can keep them in pouches that are made up of soft material. Also avoid them keeping in any extreme climate like heat and moisture to avoid any damage. This will make sure that your silver ornaments stay new and sparkling.
So if you want to protect your valuable silver jewelry, make sure you store them in right place.

Gold, Silver,As a Specific Need:

The choice of metal to wear depends on the hair, skin tone and eye color. Obviously anyone can wear either of them, but it’s about which suits best.
Black hair and eyes demand cool colors like silver’s. Golden strands in hair ask for like colored jewelry.

About skin colors, predominately yellow skin color would look better with warm colors like coral, peach, browns, gold and brick. While blue skin tone will want silver and watermelon colors. To determine your skin color, take a white paper and put it under your wrist. Concentrate on the paper and you’ll notice the undertone color vary from bluish to golden.

As an Investment Area:

There are a lot of reasons which attract investment in silver than the gold, prominent one being there are more chances of the prices going up more than that of gold.
Silver has a lot of scope to be used in for industrial purposes while gold has limited applicability because it cannot be mixed with any other metal. All that gold can do is stick to a finger or a neck and be there as it is.

It is very much possible that one day silver will outrun its demand.