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Thumb rings, ringsIf you profess to be in vogue, then simply or forcibly you can’t ignore the fact that, the chunky thumb rings are in. When discussed and declared by most that cinema and cricket are the need and talk of the hour, I differentiate and disagree. Now of late the Olsen twins and Kristen Stewart were seen flaunting them at their respective events. If you want to showcase the perfect extravagant attire, at your next party or occasion, then grab and grip few of the latest chunky thumb rings.

They team up quite eloquently with other accessories like necklaces, earrings etc. Be it diamond studded, or plated with gold the colourful big-finger coverings are doing all the talking and making the perfect style statement. So next time you hit a mall or mart go shopping for your lucky and chunky thumb ring or may be who knows, rings. Well, next time when at a shop if asked about your ring size, don’t be dumb struck, that’s the new style mantra.

It is rightly said that diamonds are a woman’s best friend. Every woman loves to possess diamonds. The twinkle in her eye while wearing it says it all.

You can now embellish your jewellery with diamonds and create new looks for your pieces. It not only renovates your collection but also gives you a feeling of being worth it.

Diamonds suit everybody irrespective of the color of your skin or style. It enhances your beauty. You can style any jewellery of yours – be it studs or danglers or neckpieces or rings. You just have to get the diamonds cut in a shape you want – square, heart or circle and then arrange them elegantly in your item. Your collection has now become a fabulous one. Match them with any attire you want and you are ready for the party. It will make you look irresistibly beautiful.

What is it about jewellery that all of us love, especially women. Let us discuss about some different stone this time apart from the usual one like diamond. So what do you know about sapphire? It can also add a lot of beauty to an ordinary piece of jewellery. Sapphires are available in various colors like red, blue, and purple and yellow.

You can select either of the colors mentioned above in your jewellery. Sapphire, especially the blue color one is also used for astrological purposes as it is considered very auspicious. Another kind of famous sapphire is the star shaped sapphire. This kind of sapphire is very expensive as it has a star rayed like effects and it gets this kind of effects from the needle kind of lines on it.

Other than the auspicious nature of it, it is also considered with virtues like loyalty, so if you want to consider any other stone after diamond, it has to be a sapphire.

Fashionistas are ushering in an excellent season for costume jewelry and accessories. The trend has seen the appearance and dominance of rich and bold colors such as teal, amber, topaz, and peacock. Metals feature a return to gold but with the prevalence f silver. IN matters of design, the trend comes with bold designs that has become popular in necklaces, earrings and bracelets.

The materials that has made a big comeback is wood and shell and natural materials in gemstones that are considered to give a natural look to the costume jewelry. Ropes that are extended or doubled as well as jet are also becoming more famous. Jet is popular especially in antique designs and bridal jewelry. Traditional and classic custom jewelry are also featuring in the new trend as it has identifications with what the wearers care about. This can be seen in pendants, charm bracelets and earrings. They have a timeless appeal that has gained a larger market.

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2009 Gold Jewelry TrendsThe year 2009 is witnessing some of the finest gold jewelry trends. The year 2008 was not so good but with the dawn of the year 2009, creative sparks seem to be flying. The best known 2009 gold jewelry trends can be summed up as follows:

Centerpieces have become centre of attractions – This is one of the emerging gold jewelry trends of 2009. You may flaunt your off-shoulder floral top with a sleek chain studded with multi-colored stones. This can be well complemented with simple danglers or extraordinarily bold hoops.

Combined grace – Crystals combined with gold jewelry or for that matter, topaz paired with gold ornaments can work wonders to your appearance. Throwing in some gold with a tinge of these precious gemstones can truly spice up your outfit for any season.

Gold cuffs are back again – The gold cuffs can be easily slipped into your wrist and at any time of the day people will swear by your elegance and appeal.

Gold Jewelery FashionSince the dawn of the Egyptian societies, gold jewelry has enamored males and females alike. Almost three thousand years ago, people in Egypt adorned majority parts of their body with gold ornaments. The Pharaohs were known to wear gold earrings while the Greek people beautified their body parts with wide varieties of gold. Necklaces, rings, diadems, wreaths, and bracelets were common gold jewelry fashions practiced in those days.

The medieval times witnessed the emergence of gold jewelry in the form of pendants, brooches, hat badges, belt clasps, and so on. On the other hand, Italian Renaissance marked the advent of gold chains. Earrings and bracelets indicated the opulent status.

The contemporary gold jewelry fashions however stands testimony to bright and bold patterns in gold jewelry, complemented well with a variety of tones. The modern designers brilliantly fuses the old designs with the recent ones and take pride in creating fusion jewelry, which will stand the test of time.

Gold Jewelry, Jewelry TrendsGold jewelry has been always seen upon as exquisite adornment accessories. With the passage of time, the trends in gold jewelry have also undergone a drastic change. Here are the top 3 latest trends in gold jewelry that fascinates males and females of all ages:

Warm tones – The latest gold jewelry come in a variety of shades. Some are bright gold while others are of a subtle tone. Yet there are some, which have a faded look while others are given a matt finish. The old glittering tones are perfect for evening wear while the subdued tones complement your daywear perfectly.

Blend of antique and contemporary – Some people prefer to blend their old jewelry with new pieces. Even the designers of the recent times take pride in launching a collection wherein they have beautifully infused new concepts to antique pieces and designed them to perfection.
Big and bold statements – Big and bold gold ornaments are in this season. You can complement a floral patterned dress with a big metal pendant strung to a wire chain.