Complementing almost every sort of attire, silver jewellery are a must have accessory in every wardrobe. But, if not maintained and taken care of, silver becomes quite prone to tarnishing, hence spoiling the whole aesthetic appeal of the jewellery. Thus if you have a nose for silver jewellery, make sure you take time out and take care of your precious pieces.

Now, if you wear silver jewellery on a regular basis, it may seem quite impossible for you to keep it from tarnishing. But you will be surprised to know that, with simple care and regular maintenance, silver can look as sleek as ever.

Silver usually tarnishes when it comes in contact with sweaty skin, ointments, lotions, deodorants etc. Thus make sure your skin is dry enough when you put your jewellery on. Once you take it off, clean it well and keep it in a jewellery box which is air tight. Lesser the air contact, lesser will be the tarnishing.

You can get these air tight containers easily from the market. Each piece of jewellery is special for every girl. Thus handle them with care and let them dazzle forever.

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